Classes are a fun way to strengthen concentration, heighten focus and memory skills, relieve stress and build stamina.   Drumming is a catalyst for awakening your Spirit and creates opportunity for personal empowerment.

West African Drumming

Drumming is an integral part of Western African tradition.  All facets of life are communicated through dance, ceremony and ritual.  I have been studying these rhythms for many years. 

I have studied with Master Drummers and Teachers in Conakry, Guinea.  I have worked with Masters in the US who brought teachings from Mali and Ghana and with Baba Kenyatta Henry, who studies the traditions of Guinea. And I rely on the knowing that the rhythms and songs are planted deeply in my DNA.

I respectfully teach beginning West African drumming.  I am honored to share this aspect of drumming with many who may otherwise have no opportunity to experience it.

I have developed a wholistic ALL THRIVE teaching approach.

It includes culture, technique, rhythm and flow.

I provide drums, but you are encouraged to bring a drum if you have one.


Drumming Basics

West African Percussion

Meditation (includes several approaches to balancing breathing, rhythm, vibration with the drum)

Drum Journey     

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Louisville, Kentucky

Spirit of the Drum

The very act of drumming is Spirit-filled.  It is invigorating...energizing.  The drum can be used to calm the spirit, by tapping into its grounding energies.  It can also be used to heighten spiritual awareness and communion with whatever higher powers one relates to.  The drum can be used to support a wholistic approach to nurturing the mind, body and soul.

The drum has healing effects that occur naturally, as well as with a specific purpose and intention.

I utilize the drum and other sound healing techniques to support individuals in improving their quality of life.

“Joan,  you are so good at breaking down rhythms so we can learn them.  I love your encouragement, patience and fun way of teaching.” 

“Working with Joan these past three years has brought me so much growth - mentally and spiritually. 

Her knowledge and appreciation for the drum and its healing powers takes you to the place you know you want to be but didn't know the path to get there.”  

“Through personal sharing among group members, feelings of safety and trust were developed and nurtured, friendship becoming another of our drumming circle's rewards.”