About Joan


Joan Brannon at DrummingWorks

Louisville, Kentucky

“Joan's gentle, spiritual, loving nature and insightfulness are matched only by her amazing and inspired drumming."

- Jaqui (student)

Joan is a percussionist and teacher.  She has been playing percussion instruments for 20 years. Joan founded the drumming collectives, Sisters of the Sacred Drum and the Sacred Drum Ensemble. 

Joan teaches drumming empowerment classes for youth, enrichment circles for women and she facilitates workshops in a variety of settings to bring the power of percussion into community. 

Joan respects the drum as a sacred instrument that utilizes rhythms for celebration and as a tool for communication, empowerment and community building. Joan has performed and drummed throughout the US and in Guinea, West Africa. 

Joan is listed on the Kentucky Arts Council Teaching Artist Directory and is a teaching artist with Ky Centers’ ArtsReach.

Joan  859 420-8529


Immersed in  West African Drumming in

Conakry, Guinea


“She who carries the spirit of the drum”

photo: Julia Youngblood